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The Biggest Loser is an American reality show that airs on NBC. A group of overweight contestants are chosen to participate in a competition which will determine who can lose the largest amount of weight. Caroline Rhea was responsible for hosting the show from the first season until the third season, and she was replaced by Alison Sweeney in 2007. The narrator of the show is J.D. Roth, and Jillian Michaels also appeared on the show during the first few seasons to act as a personal trainer. She eventually left the show due to her concerns over her portrayal. Versions of this show also exist in Australia, Britain, Israel and The Netherlands.

Previous Seasons - Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

Lattest Voted off the Biggest Loser** The latest person voted off The Biggest Loser was Neil.

Season Six Contestants

Season Six was Biggest Loser: Families with the tag line "born into it or sworn to it." The season saw a lot of controversy with Heba and Phil constantly arguing while Vicky became the biggest game player ever, but not necessarily in a good way.

Team Name Age From Weight Loss Eliminated
GreenAdam Capers (husband)39Gainesville, VA35Week 1
GreenStacey Capers (wife)33Gainesville, VA31Week 1
GrayLT Desrochers (son)23Everett, MA57Week 2
GrayTom Desrochers (father)42Everett, MA48Week 2
YellowJerry Skeaback (father)51Cleveland, OH41Week 3
OrangeEd Brantley (husband)   Week 4*
PurpleShelley Cremen (mother)51Royal Oak, MI39Week 5http://www.reality-tv-online.com/blog/biggest-loser-families-shellay-is-eliminated/
RedAmy Parham (wife)40Greer, SC47Week 6
RedPhil Parham (husband)41Greer, SC68Week 7
BrownBrady Vilcan (husband)36Houma, LA77Week 8
YellowColeen Skeaback (daughter)24Cleveland, OH51Week 9
PurpleAmy Cremen (daughter)26Auburn Hills, MI71Week 10
PinkRenee Wilson (mother)46Fort Worth, TX72Week 11
OrangeEd Brantley (husband)31Raleigh, NC85 
OrangeHeba Brantley (wife)30Raleigh, NC77 
PinkMichelle Aguilar26Fort Worth, TX71 
BrownVicky Vilcan37Houma, LA70 

*Returned to the game in Week 8

Season 4 Contestants

Name Age From Weight Loss Eliminated
Amber Walker 30 Houston, TX 7 Episode 1
Lezlye Donahue 34 Metairie, LA 12 Episode 2
Jerry Lisenby 62 Peoria, IL 43 Episode 3
Patty Gonzalez 34 San Diego, CA 25 Episode 4
Jim Germanakos 40 Long Island, NY 54 Episode 5
Phil Hawk 27 Powell, OH 61 Episode 6
Jez Luckett 24 Garden City, KS 56 Episode 7
David Griffin 31 Cedar Hill, TN 56 Episode 8
Ryan Rodriguez 29 Jackson Heights, NY 72 Episode 9
Amy Zimmer 28 Rochester, NY 52 Episode 10
Kae Whang 27 Clark, NJ 66 Episode 11
Bryan Washington 29 Riverdale, GA 70 Episode 12
Nicole Michalik 26 Philadelphia, PA 68 Episode 13
Neil Tejwani 25 Marblehead, MA 143 Episode 14
Bill Germanakos 40 Long Island, NY 130  
Julie Hadden 34 Jacksonville, FL 58  
Isabeau Miller 21 Franklin, TN 81  
Hollie Self 28 Phoenix, AZ 64  

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This week, the “Biggest Loser” contestants went solo – no more teams.  Also, they would have to compete a pentathlon that tested both their minds and bodies.  Each place would earn points for each challenge and at the end; the one with the most points would win immunity.  Who ever came in last would get […]

Biggest Loser: Jessica Leaves the Ranch
Posted: 2 Nov 2011
Some “Biggest Loser” episodes are heartbreakers, then some break hearts. Tonight, the contestants got jarring news – after Jennifer’s elimination, they learned that they would again be divided up.  Alison had everyone line up by age.  Everyone would go in a room and see three of their favorite dishes.  Each one had to guess the […]

Biggest Loser: Jennifer is Eliminated
Posted: 26 Oct 2011
This week on “Biggest Loser” was All for One week.  That meant as a group, the contestants must lose 100 pounds to prevent anyone from going home.  Not really a fun idea, but they did have some Halloween fun with Bob before that. Halloween candy was all over the kitchen as a Temptation Challenge.  If […]

Biggest Loser: Courtney Leaves the Ranch
Posted: 19 Oct 2011
Tonight’s “Biggest Loser” featured a coveted prize – immunity.  But, the contestants learned that even immunity doesn’t come without stress. That is because the immune player had to save the whole team with his or her weight loss.  And, he or she would have to lose weight at home.  The player was chosen by a […]

Season Three of The Biggest Loser

The third season of the show aired in September of 2006. This season had the largest number of contestants so far, with a total of fifty people. Each contestant represented a different state in the U.S. However, the group was brought down to fourteen after the trainers begin selecting people for their teams. Kim Lyons was the personal trainer this season, and she and her team competed against Bob Harper and his team.

Four finalists were chosen for the last weigh in, and Erik was the declared the winner, since he lost nearly 214 pounds, which was over 50% of his body weight. Poppi came in second with $50,000, and Brian was given the $100,000 prize due to his ability to lose just over 50% of his body weight.

Season Three Contestants

Season Two of The Biggest Loser

A number of changes occurred in the second season. The teams were split by gender, with men competing against women, and the total percentage of the weight loss was used to determine who would be eliminated. By the seventh episode of season two, the two large teams were split into four smaller teams of two. The four smaller teams were a mixture of men and women, and were no longer split by gender. By episode 9, the remaining participants were competing against each other on an individual level. The winner was Matt, who was given the $250,000 prize. However, second and third place winners were added, and these were Seth and Suzy, who won $50,000 and $25,000 respectively.

Season Two Contestants

Season One of The Biggest Loser

Twelve contestants were chosen in this season, and they would compete for a grand prize of $250,000 dollars. The participants will stay in a ranch where they will be given space and exercise equipment. They are split in two teams, and both teams will be given their own trainer. In the earlier weeks of the program, the weights of both teams will be measured and compared to determine which is larger. Each week, the team that loses the least amount of weight must vote off one member, and this will be generally someone who has lost the least amount of weight. However, a team member who loses too much weight may also be eliminated.

Season One Contestants

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