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Show that turns kitchen zeroes into kitchen heroes

Reality, oh reality. What we do in our own kitchens is usually our own business. There’s not many people who knows how many times we have managed to almost burn town our homes or made our neighbors hate us due to the frequent ringing of the fire alarms. Let’s be honest, many of us aren’t at our best in our kitchens. But that’s okay because we can often keep it our little secret very few know about.

However, if you were one of the fourteen recruits taking part of the fourth season of Worst Cooks In America, you wouldn’t be so lucky. Fourteen recruits have been chosen for the new season of Worst Cooks In America based on the nominations by the people that know them, their parents, children, friends and…who knows, maybe enemies. They have been chosen to the show because they are cooking-challenged.

The positive part is that many of them, by the end of the seven-episode series, won’t be kitchen zeroes anymore. Because that’s what the show is all about, turning the kitchen zeroes to kitchen heroes, all in front of Food Network ‘s viewers, roughly 100 million U.S. households.

The winner of the show will walk away with $25k.

The recruits have been divided into two groups, one is team Anne, with the super-chef Anne Burrell as their leader, mentor, enforcer and the one to hold their hand. And the second group is team Bobby with Bobby Flay leading the way.

The season premiere airs on Sunday, February 17th at 9pm ET/PT.

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