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The Next Great American Band

With almost everybody looking to break into the music business anyway they can, it was only natural that the producers who brought us the number 1 ranked music show American Idol would create a similar show for bands. 19 Entertainment in partnership with FramantleMedia North America, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe have all teamed together to create this chance for a band to become America's next phenomenon. Rather than relying simply on a solo artist to always satisfy the masses of music lovers around the world, The Next Great American Band works to thrill those who love a great band.

While the judges for American Idol are not here, there are still three great judges including John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Sheila E., as well as Australian Idol judge Ian "Dicko" Dickson. Adding to the mix is host Dominic Bowden from New Zealand Idol. This season is sure to be a great adventure to determine which of the 12 finalist bands really has what it takes to be The Next Great American Band.

Season One Bands

Bringing in the top 12 bands is a great group of highly talented musicians. From all walks of life, this is a highly diverse group that can appeal to just about anyone. First on the list is Sixwire from Nashville, Tennessee. As a five member band they have performed with artists such as Faith Hill, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Randy Travis just to name a few, making them well known in the country music industry. The band came together formally in 2000 and has been working together ever since. With a style all their own, and completely original material this is a true quest for the country music lovers soul. The band includes Robb Houston, Chuck Tilley, John Howard, Steve Mandile, and Andy Childs with instruments ranging from guitar to bass to drums.

Bringing some of the upbeat country bluegrass music that everybody loves is the band The Clark Brothers. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee as well, this delightful band brings the three Clark brothers together. Ashley is on vocals with a bit of guitar and fiddle mixed in, Adam is on the mandolin and guitar, while bringing up the end is Austin who is also signing vocals and playing the dobro.

Hailing from Greenwood, Mississippi is the group Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 an intriguing mix of acoustic, country, and bluegrass mixed together. They are a talented four member band consisting of Cliff Wagner, Craig Ferguson, Devitt Feeley and Andrew Paddock. Working together collectively as well as separately, this is more than just your basic band.

Coming with a bit of pop and swinging funk flavor is the next finalist, Denver and The Mile High Orchestra from Nashville, Tennessee. Together since 1999, the band was originally formed by Denver Bierman while attending Nashville Belmont University. With two saxophones, three trumpets and two trombones the band has a distinct old style charm from the 30's and 40's that makes you love to tap your feet. The bands members are Denver Bierman, Scott Steward, Adam Beck, Reggie Grisham, Chris Gregg, Michael "Motown" Kemp, Jeff Pardo, Tony Marvelli, Jared Ribble and Paul Gregory. As the largest band competing they certainly have the talent and the ability to get people moving to the music.

Blending together pop and rock brings us to the highly energetic group Dot Dot Dot. This five-member band hails from Chicago, Illinois and brings some of the high energy movement that people love to see from a band. Together for several years, the group has several CD's that have been recently released. The band includes Adam Blair, Little Lisa, Stephan, Michael, and Rose.

The Hatch is another one of the 12 finalists. Bringing together a mix of Indie as well as Rock and Pop the four-member group includes Jesse Macht, Sean Douglas, and Gary Atturio as well as Austin Schumacher. Originally formed in 2001 while at college in St. Louis, Missouri the group now calls Brooklyn, New York home.

The youngest group in The Next Great American Band Season 1 is Light of Doom. The youngest band members range in age from 10-12 and calls Escondido, California home. With a flair for rock and roll, the members include Dillon Cahill, Erik Griffin, Mitchell Wofford, Daniel Futcher, and Lucas Canzini.

Combining rock and soul together is the Los Angeles, California based band Likes of You. With members Jason Moore, Jesse Stern, Joe Higgins, and Geoff Byrd, this group is full of energy and has a unique style. With accomplishments including four Grammy nominations for Geoff Byrd in 2004, this group has the talent to win the spotlight of the show.

Gathering the rocky blues from Detroit, Michigan is The Muggs. Danny Methric, Tony DeNardo and Matt Rost came together in 2000 and have been making incredible music ever since. From a unique style, and a drive to succeed this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Girl Power comes in the form of the all girl group Rocket. Consisting of five females from Echo Park, California, the band has created a unique image and sound for themselves by combining glam with rock and pop to create their own personal style. The band performed in 2004 and established their current lineup in 2005. Currently the group consists of Lauren Rocket, Kelly Rocket, Lauren C. Rocket, Roxie Rocket, and Chief Kristin.

Another finalist in Season One is the group Tres Bien! which features a collective mix of garage, rock, and indie combined into their own unique flavor. The band consists of Mikey Bostinto, Cody Wilson, Michael James Crowe, and Ryan Parker Metcalf. Originally started in 2001, the band has changed names and added members to become what they are today. Coming from Clearwater, Florida the group is sure to please and impress.

The final group is Franklin Bridge, which is comprised of six talented men, Curt Chambers, Adam Blackstone, Aaron Draper, Rayfield "Ray-Ray" Holloman, Wayne Moore, and lastly "Lil" Darrell Robinson. As the opening act for shows such as LLCoolJ, Jay-Z and Pharrell the band is highly talented and brings a great style to the stage no matter where they are.

Latest Band Eliminated

Band Episode
Likes of You Week 2
The Hatch Week 2
Rocket Week 3
The Muggs Week 3
Frankln Bridge Week 4
Tres Bien! Week 5
Dot Dot Dot Week 6

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